The Emperor’s Barber: Graham Wade’s latest novel

Graham Wade The Emperor's BarberFollowing on from the success of his The Fibonacci Confessions, Graham Wade has published The Emperor’s Barber – the memoirs of Kutaissov, the Turkish barber who became a trusted advisor to Emperor Paul I of Russia.

A riveting story of adventure, romance, and retribution, this beautifully crafted historical novel by Graham Wade recounts the meteoric rise of an orphaned peasant boy from Turkey to the exalted position of confidant to the Emperor of Russia, the insane son of Catherine the Great.

Chris Dell

The Emperor’s Barber, is a fascinating, entertaining, and strange tale of how a lowly Turkish orphan rises up to become one of the most influential noblemen in the court of Emperor Paul I of Russia. Award-winning author Graham Wade has turned out yet another gem, giving his readers a peek into the history of probably the nadir of the Russian Empire. The historically accurate and witty writing vividly describes court life at the turn of the nineteenth century, using real-life characters and a great imagination to interpret the historical events that led to the demise of the son, and successor, of one of Russia’s paramount rulers, Catherine the Great.

Charles Postlewate  

The Emperor’s Barber has been published by The Choir Press.


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