Traditions of the Classical Guitar – New edition

A new edition of Traditions of the Classical Guitar, Graham Wade’s first book, has just been reprinted by Overture Publishing – Oneworld Classics. 


First published in 1980, Traditions of the Classical Guitar has been described as the first book to examine in detail the many traditions of one of today’s most popular instruments. With its central focus on Andrés Segovia’s pioneering work in establishing the guitar as an international concert instrument, it goes on to examine in detail its subsequent developments with reference to great artists such as Bream, Williams, Diaz and Yepes.

Traditions of the Classical Guitar continues to be a classic of twentieth-century guitar scholarship, offering a challenging assessment to perceptions of the guitar’s progress throughout the ages. It is also a timely reminder of the glorious years of Segovia’s concert career between 1909 and 1987; Segovia himself said of the work: ‘Graham Wade has shown his love for the guitar from the first page to the last; true love and understanding’.


Nights in a Divided Spain – BBC Radio 3

Nights in a Divided Spain, with contributions from Cecilia Rodrigo – daughter of the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo and Director of the Fundación Joaquín Rodrigo, musicologists Carol Hess, Graham Wade, Samuel Llano, and the historian Paul Preston, who will be discussing music and Spanish politics, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday 29 January 2011 at 12.15 pm.

To listen online via the BBC Radio 3 website, click here

The Fibonacci Confessions

Although Graham Wade has been publishing books on music and musicians for years, today his first work of fiction, a novel titled The Fibonacci Confessions has been published by GRM Publications.


The feedback so far has been excellent:

This truly beautiful and enchanting book takes the reader into a world of love, logic, adventure, genius, fantasy, and mystery. Lila Pancholi

A very accomplished, picturesque novel, full of romantic scrapes, maths, philosophy, and travel. Bill Swainson

A rich, deeply imaginative, intellectually confident historical novel. Will Francis

A story of discovery, adventure, romance, and betrayal, laced with delicious prose that enables the reader to savour the beauty of the English language. Chris Dell

The Fibonacci Confessions presents the intimately personal letters of Leonardo Pisano (also known as Fibonacci), mathematician, scholar and traveller, looking back over a lifetime at the follies of youth, travels in North Africa, Egypt, and Syria, the disasters of various amorous affairs, and his endless pursuit of ‘the numbers’ in a quest which leads to both glorious and tragic consequences.